Dear Reader

Good Evening Ladies & Gentleman,

I have come here to speak to you about a serious matter. One that endangers our very civilization, our planet, our galaxy. One that strikes at heart of what it is to be human. No, I am not talking about the overabundance of prime time reality television or the fact that Ecto Cooler has not been on grocery store shelves since 2001. I’m talking about the fact, quite simply, that there are not enough Geeks.

But, what is a Geek, you might ask? Is it a food item? No. Is it some sort of medication? Metaphorically, yes. Is it some new electronic device from Apple? Indirectly, I suppose. But what a Geek is, is so much more than that. Think of it this way. Take someone who sees the world purely at face value. He makes a living by conforming with modern convention, enjoys general escapism like cheap imbibements and primitive physical competition. Finds a mate, makes a family and raises them to be like himself and his ancestors before him. Certainly not a bad person; a human being. Basic, content, real.

Now, take his neighbor. He does the same things as the other, but takes it one step further. He sees a way to change the job he works in, incorporating ever-evolving technologies and creative organization. He sees his basic entertainment and envisions a way to expand its content and turn it into a worldwide spectacle; a mythological construct. He looks at the stars and doesn’t just think how beautiful the are, but thinks, what is that, how do I get there and what will be there when I arrive? Most importantly, someone who thinks, it’s okay to step outside the conventional, it’s okay to be different. This person is a Geek.

Throughout our lives we have picked on these people, even those of us that were part of the group. It’s easy to do so – they’re in the minority. It’s even easier to be one of the masses; to stay locked up in a prison of our own collective social creation; What’s “cool” and what’s not “cool”.

But some of us chose to be different. Some of us chose to thrive in who we are. Even those of us who may not have had the choice, who were Geeks of such proportion that conforming was not an option, embraced who they were and took Humanity to the next level.

Science, Technology and Industry. Movies, television and music. The written word. All the achievements of Human Beings from hunting and gathering in primitive bands of early apes to the Physicists and Authors creating ways for us to advance into the galaxy and the Scientists working on ways to make it happen,  are due to Geeks. (Also, the guy who created the Slinky. Those are pretty sweet.)

Our fiction and media is expansive. It stretches from alternate realities to fantasy worlds to intergalactic confederacies of space explorers stretching to distances beyond common comprehension. Our tech takes modern luxury and novelty and combines them into an ever-changing smorgasbord of awe-striking delectables.

Yet, we are in the minority. And that is why I am here. For whatever difference my words can make, I will delve into what it means to be a Geek, immerse myself in all the glory of our contributions to pop-culture and modern society and stand stalwart in waving our community’s flag. My hope is that if even one person, takes one positive from this site and goes on to, even unconsciously, pay it forward to another, that someday, somewhere, someone…will give me lots of money.

So, in closing,

here is a picture of Sean Connery as a scantily clad, divine warrior of Post-Apocalyptic Earth:

Maybe we don’t count this one…

– T.I.G.


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