Mark Goldstein, aka T.I.G. (The Iron Geek), is a Chelsea Supporting, Verbal Swashbuckling, Archer, Painter, Rocker, Hiker, Wrestling Fan and Cinephilitic puppy-dog with rabies. He moonlights as Bruce Wayne, but his real identity is Batman. He has never been, nor does he have any plans to visit Nilbog. He thinks Timothy Dalton was the best James Bond, but believes Nathan Fillion would be better. He’s also a proud member of the Geek Community, if that is not already apparent…

Most importantly, he is currently writing this…in the third-person…but he’s not a douchebag, I promise. Most of the time. OK, 50/50. (beat) I’m alright…

GEEKANDYOUSHALLFIND.com was created as an outlet for a member of the collective ‘Outcast-Elite’ hive-mind that is GEEKdom. Focusing on movies, literature and other pop-interests that pertain to our cause, here lies the pot of gold (and occasional bowl of drivel) of a man who has found that these things are beautiful and righteous and additional lofty, motivational word! They are to be embraced and not shunned! Held aloft like glowing helms of awe in an utterly uninspiring, Kardashian-infected society!

But I digress. And for the sake of brevity, allow me this one request:

Read my blog.


Then, when you are finished, make me pastry.

That was two requests.

– T.I.G.


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